• Mark Pugsley

Credit Suisse's XIV Exchange Traded Note (ETN)

These investments lost 97% of their value in a single day on February 5, 2018. What explains this catastrophic event? According to experts in the field, the Credit Suisse XIV Exchange Traded Note was linked to the inverse of short term VIX futures. Investors likely would have nothing to complain about had Credit Suisse (and Barclays with its similar VXX product) priced its product the way it promised it would. However, it appears that although Credit Suisse promised investors holding XIV that it would publish an estimate of the current economic value of XIV shares every 15 seconds based on real-time VIX futures prices, it did not do so on February 5th.

Investors who held this product in their portfolios have been decimated. Our firm has received inquiries asking what can be done. We continue to investigate, and currently believe that investors have recourse to recover their losses based upon the material misrepresentations made by Credit Suisse. If you held this product on February 5th and suffered losses, please contact us to discuss your legal options.


This page describes cases we are researching and working on today, as well as our latest updates on fraudulent schemes and how to avoid them. If you are the victim of one of the schemes detailed here please contact us to discuss your case and how we can help.

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