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Disputes with brokerage firms are nearly always handled through FINRA's arbitration process.  Our legal team has handled FINRA cases for over twenty years and can help you figure out if you have a good claim against your broker or investment advisor.  

A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud where a nonexistent enterprise is fueled by the payment of high returns using new investors' funds to pay the earlier investors.  If you have been caught up in a Ponzi scheme can help you investigate the case and discuss your recovery options.

Do you think you've been scammed or defrauded?  Our legal team can help you sort through the paperwork and determine whether you have been the victim of financial fraud, and, if so, discuss ways we can help you recover your losses.

We help fraud victims and company insiders confidentially report fraudulent conduct to the SEC, CFTC or state authorities.   Where these reports provide original information that leads to a successful prosecution, the whistleblower may be entitled to an award.

Our litigation team has handled securities disputes of all sizes and types, including  

receivership litigation, regulatory investigations, insurance fraud cases, enforcement actions, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes and derivative cases.

Investor Class Actions

A securities class action is a lawsuit filed by investors who lost money when they bought or sold a company's securities based on misrepresentations or omissions.  We can help you investigate your case and decide whether to proceed individually or as a class-action representative.

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The Investment Fraud Recovery Team is a practice group of Ray Quinney & Nebeker, a full-service law firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah with over 100 lawyers.  We have the skills and resources to handle cases of all sizes and complexities.

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